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LatAm Private Equity

The Secondary Market

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 In the coming years, a strong secondary market will emerge in LatAm – and particularly Brazil – for funds launched toward the middle or end of last decade, offering foreign and local LPs new investment and exit opportunities.  According to Duncan Littlejohn, the Latin American representative at Paul Capital, a global alternative investment firm that includes a US$1.6 billion fund for secondary assets in emerging markets, the LatAm secondary market is only in its infancy.  “If you think of the inventory of existing LatAm funds,” he says, “the bulk of them were raised 2007 onwards, so most of the funds aren´t yet five years old, are just getting to the end of their investment period, and LPs aren´t really pressured to sell them.”  He says that the patterns of growth of secondary markets tend to reflect those of the primary market, only with a time lag, and that the LatAm secondary m.....

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