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Education for a New Reality

LatAm Alternatives Unveils its PACIF Program for FINRA Registration

As alternative asset investments gain traction in the LatAm region, education is becoming paramount.  It is essential that investors understand the benefits of investing in alternative assets; that foreign companies understand the opportunities to be found in the LatAm alternative asset space; and that LatAm investment professionals have the proper knowhow and accreditation to be successful in an increasingly regulated and globalized market ...

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Brazilian Internet

And Online Advertising Investment

Recently Brazilians heard the news from IAB Brazil that the Internet will soon be the 2nd largest advertising medium – behind only broadcast TV and ahead of cable TV, newspapers and magazines. Beyond numbers, this shows that advertisers and brands need to adapt to the trends of an increasingly digital and connected market. Besides being where people now spend most of their time, the online world brings great benefits when it comes to advertising, such as targeting and measurement ...

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Mercatrade B2B

Online Marketplace

Mercatrade is the B2B online marketplace that helps companies import and export in South America. We provide wholesalers, manufactures, distributors and buyers with a one-stop shop on the Internet for doing business in this dynamic market. Our portal offers an all-inclusive, comprehensive system for buying and selling goods and services ...

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Uruguay's Zonamerica

LatAm's Premier Business Park

For family offices and private banks serving LatAm clients, as well as other corporations looking to establish offshore offices in the region, one of the most attractive locations is Zonamerica Business and Technology Park.  Located in a free trade zone in Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital and the financial capital of the Mercosur region, Zonamerica is the largest business park in South America, with 280 tenant companies.  Large firms such as Merrill Lynch, Bank of Canada, Sabre Holdings, Watson Wyatt, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Citigroup, among others ...

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Innovative second-language learning platform

Loogla (a portmanteau of “Looking Glass”) is a second-language learning platform that uses any foreign language text or web site as the basisfor the learning experience.  The most reliable predictor for effective language acquisition is the learner’s desire to comprehend what is being conveyed by the foreign language.  With that in mind, Loogla uses a progress-management system to integrate targeted activities and lessons into any second-language text ...

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Quickstart Global

Helping entrepreneurs enter the Global Market

With more and more aspects of business conducted online, companies of all sizes are now able to make connections with partners, suppliers and customers all over the world. Yet in many industries, establishing a successful multinational company still requires a physical presence across several countries. Whether it is to manage the supply chain, handle administrative operations, or make sales to new customers, setting up abroad involves significant capital outlays and a great deal of time-intensive effort. That, combined with the added uncertainty of operating in an unfamiliar country, can be too much risk for managers with limited financial and personnel resources ...

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Inter-Emerging Market Trade

With its shallow banking sector and limited debt—the legacy of decades of economic turmoil—the direct impact of the 2008 credit crunch was minimal in most Latin American countries. The second-round effects of the crisis, however, were clearly evident, with investment inflows drying up and exports to major markets slumping as the developed world slid into recession. Yet the region remained relatively resilient. Emmanuel Besserve, co-founder of Mercatrade, an online b2b marketplace con- necting importers and exporters in Latin America, says the crisis caused a deceleration in growth among the region’s traders rather than an outright recession ...



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The Panama Network

Online portal to businesses in Panama

 Mackenze McAleer found a promising home in Panama. A U.S. native and Marine Corps veteran with several years´ experience in the U.S. telecom and Internet industries, he moved to Panama City more than five years ago and has established himself there as an Internet entrepreneur and consultant. One of his current ventures, the Panama Network, comprises web sites and web-based tools and services covering various aspects of the country, including travel and tourism, business, real estate, legal and financial services. He is also an executive at Veritas Digital Studios, the Latin American subsidiary of Creative Asylum, a Hollywood, California based … 

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My Own Private Island

Investing in island real estate internationally

 Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Private Islands Inc. is the premier international firm for private island marketing and sales. Their corporation employs a full staff of experts in international real estate, marketing, graphics design, Internet technology and media relations. As Private Islands online has an extensive database of interested parties, they have been able to streamline the process of helping interested clients find their own fantasy island. When someone comes to Private Islands Inc., they are interested in purchasing a lifestyle and are prepared to think outside the box. Island investors are seeking something unique and many times are emotionally driven to purchase an island ...


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Algodon Wine Estates

Argentine wine investment

 Though winemaking in Argentina dates back to the 16thcentury, the South American giant has only recently emerged as a genuine competitor at an international level. On the back of the astonishing commercial success of Malbec, the country’s emblematic varietal, Argentina is now one of the hottest prospects in the global wine industry, winning over connoisseurs and casual consumers in equal measure.The surge in popularity of Argentine wine has also put Mendoza, the country’s wine stronghold at the foot of the Andes Mountains, on the map for tourists and investors alike. Known locally as the ‘land of sun … 

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Alternative Latin Investor speaks with Colombia Real Estate Founder Chad Smalley

Real Estate Investment in Colombia

 My first experience in Latin America was in Boquete, Panama where I went on a father/son trip to visit some family friends. At the time I was living in California and was really fed up with the stress and lifestyle. I saw immediately that Latin America could provide a different way of life, which I fell in love with and was energized to experience and see more. I can honestly say we are Colombia’s first true expat focused real estate brokerage firm that represents diverse buyers and entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Our core business … 



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VivaReal: LatAm Real Estate Moves Online

A look at VivaReal: LatAm Real Estate Moves Online

 In the United States 90% of home buyers start their search online according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). There is no concrete data available to compare this with Latin America, but internet penetration in the region has been growing at over 850% (Internet World Stats) since 2000 causing more people to go online in search of property. There is no central database for all the properties in Latin America and most property listings are not online yet. This is why there is a need for VivaReal. VivaReal was founded by Internet entrepreneurs Brian Requarth and Thomas Floracks … 

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