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The Importance of Investing

Technology-Based Small Enterprises in Peru

FEB, 2012 Peru is a country rich in ecological diversity and natural resources, but remains behind other LatAm countries due to a Technologylack of foreign investment in innovative technology. In recent years, Peru has been rated as one of the strongest economies on the continent, stemming mainly from an increase in the production of exportable products – 88.6% of exports are commodities that come from natural resources, 8.5% are products with a low technological focus and 0.6% with a high technological focus. However, Peru invests only 0.15% of its GDP in research, development and innovation, unlike neighboring countries who invest significantly more – Argentina (0.40%), Chile (0.60%) and Brazil (0.95%). Government subsidies are not substantive or long term, nor are they able to support the most....

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