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Investing in Argentina

A Legal Perspective

FEB, 2012 An Interview with Javier Canosa from Canosa Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina Do you think that government protectionist policies will ease in 2012 during Cristina Fernández Kirchner’s second term? No, I certainly do not think so.  Although a “moderate” has been appointed as Ministry of Economy, the real power lies in the hardcore interventionist Secretary of Domestic Commerce, Guillermo Moreno. How have these policies impacted foreign investment? Although it is difficult to say whether such protectionist policies have impacted FDI or not, it is true that some foreign companies have reaped great benefits from Argentine protectionism.  However, in general, investment decisions are very carefully analyzed and appraised and even in cases where the decision to invest has been made, the amount of the investment is reduced to the minimum amount necessary to close a certain deal.  There is almost no long term....

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