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Is This Just Nativism?

Argentina's Rural Land Law

FEB, 2012 By Javier Canosa On December 22, 2011, the Argentine Congress passed Law No. 26,737. This new regulation aims to protect national domain over the property, possession or tenancy of rural land.  The Agrarian Federation of Argentina estimates that nearly 7% of the country’s productive arable land, which represents twenty million hectares, belongs to foreigners. Through the adoption of this new rule, Argentina joined several agricultural nations, such as Brazil and Canada, which have adopted similar measures to restrict foreign ownership of arable soil. The law has as main objectives to determine cadastral and dominance ownership of rural land, under any title or de facto situation, and establish obligations that arise from the domain or possession of those lands. On the other hand, the rule regulates the limits of foreign ownership of rural ground, regardless its purpose. In terms of the new regulation, “foreign ownership” is used t....

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