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Playing with Its Heritage

Steps Toward a Critical Juncture in Argentina

APRIL, 2012 By James Knight This year’sHeritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal Annual report of economic freedom confirms what many in the global investment community already suspected or knew: that it is getting increasingly difficult and risky to invest and do business in Argentina.  The Index gives Argentina an “economic freedom” score of 48, making it the 158th freest in the world, and 27th out of 29 LatAm countries included. Argentinaone of four LatAm/Caribbean countries Venezuela, Ecuador and Cuba are the others) that qualify as “Repressed”.  Surprisingly, Brazil is “Mostly unfree,” while Uruguay and Paraguay qualify as “Moderately free.”  Chile, “Mostly free,” ranks 7th in the world.  “Argentina’s foundations of economic freedom have weakened in light of extensive government intrusion into free markets,” the report states....

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