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Alternative Latin Investor speaks with Latin American Art Museum of Amersfoort

Latin Art Investment gaining speed in Europe

NOV, 2009 By Tiffany Joy Swenson LAKMA started with a foundation dedicated to the Spanish artist José Gausachs. Gausachs was an artist who emigrated from Spain during the Spanish Civil War, before the Second World War. For many, Gausachs is an unknown name; however, he is of great importance to Latin America's art history. He was the disciple of great masters such as Isidre Nonell and Felix Mestre. He cultivated friendships in Paris with other famous painters of his time, such as Amadeo Modigliani, Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. He was appreciated by intellectuals like Tristan Tzara, whose friendship and support made a great difference for Gausachs during the exile. Furthermore, he was praised by great writers of that time: Hemingway acquired one of his paintings, and the poet Carles Ribas dedicated a poem to the remarkable painter after the inauguration of Gausach’s last exposition in Barcelona. The Gausach Art Foundation has undertaken the project o....

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