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The Mexican Investment Environment

Interview with Maximiliano Del Vento Assistant Vice President, Investment Solutions at the Partners

Mexico’s economy has always been strongly linked to that of the US; and more so since signing the NAFTA trade agreement in 1994. The US is Mexico’s largest trading partner, accounting for close to half of all of its exports and more than half of its imports. At the same time, for the US, Mexico is the third largest trading partner after Canada and China. As an export-oriented economy, more than 90% of Mexican trade is under free trade agreements with more than 40 countries including the EU, Canada, and Israel, and much of Central and South America ...

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Investing in Argentina

A Legal Perspective

An Interview with Javier Canosa from Canosa Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Do you think that government protectionist policies will ease in 2012 during Cristina Fernández Kirchner’s second term? No, I certainly do not think so.  Although a “moderate” has been appointed as Ministry of Economy, the real power lies in the hardcore interventionist Secretary of Domestic Commerce, Guillermo Moreno ...

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Impact Investing in Mexico

Alvaro Rodriguez of Ingia Discusses the Challenges and Opportunities of a Burgeoning Asset Class

Impact investing, or investment that aims to make significant social and/or environmental impact while also being profitable, has been gaining ground steadily since the concept emerged toward the end of last decade.  A recent report by J.P. Morgan and the Rockefeller Foundation, defining it as its own asset class, estimates that impact investment will present an investment opportunity of between US$400 billion and US$1 trillion and a profit opportunity of between US$183 billion and US$667 billion over the next decade ...

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Doug Casey on Latin America

An ALI Exclusive Interview

Douglas Casey is a maverick, highly influential voice within the international investment community, known as much for his contrarian assertions and droll eloquence as for his expertise and intuition. In the early 1980s, he came to prominence by literally writing the book on where to put money in hard times: Crisis Investing became the best-selling finance book of all time, and was followed by several other titles laying out Mr. Casey’s investment, political, and life philosophy. For the last quarter century, he has promoted this investment philosophy, which he calls “rational speculation”, through Casey Research, a firm focused on opportunities in mining, precious metals, energy, and technology, as well as through his popular newsletter, International Speculator ...

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Investment Analysts Try their Luck with the World Cup

Analysis by financial companies of the seven LatAm teams that qualified for the 2010 World Cup

 The run up to the World Cup is full of excitement, anxiety, and predictions. In this article, we highlight the analysis by financial companies of the seven Latin American teams that qualified for South Africa—Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay and Honduras. Almost everyone has a theory about how teams and players will perform on football’s biggest stage. Some base it on experience, others a gut instinct or omen. Financial companies, however, prefer to use sophisticated quantitative models. UBS, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan assessed the prospects for all World Cup teams by applying traditional financial market models … 

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Venture Capital in Argentina

An overview of venture capitalism in Argentina

 Venture capital in Argentina, particularly at an early stage, requires an active participation in the running of portfolio companies. One can argue that VCs practically play the role of entrepreneurs. In other words, there is no room for “dumb money”. Venture capital, for various reasons outside the scope of this piece, has to be “smart” i.e. has to be complemented with experienced management and has to have a wide network of contacts. Modena Technologies Capital Partners is an early stage venture capital fund based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This case study describes Modena’s investment in a software factory called Patagonia Technologies … 

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