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Argentine Wine Harvest: 2010

A look at the Argentine Wine Harvest for 2010

MAY, 2010 By Dan Karlin Wine Grapes Argentina, due to its terroir, is known for only having good years and great years. The consistencies of the climate - dry, high altitude, porous soil, and fresh run-off water,  make Argentina the workhorse of the wine world.  With that being said, 2009 was not such a good year for wine production, but we are happy to report that 2010 is looking up. From the one billion kilograms of grapes produced in 2009 about 12.1 million hectoliters of wine were made and about 30% (2.9 million hectoliters) of that wine was exported. In 2010 these numbers are expected to be 13.2 million hectoliters of production and 3.4 million hectoliters exported which represents respectable growth for Argentina in the world market. But these are ....

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