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Impact Investing

Reducing Barriers to Entry

Catalyzing Early-Stage Impact Investing in Latin America

When it comes to impact investing, Latin America is somewhat of a paradox. Despite its robust economic performance in recent years, early-stage impact investing — funds that invest less than $500,000 and support social enterprises on the ground — is just beginning. Although major players such as Acumen Fund and Invested Development intend to expand their portfolios to Latin America within the next 3 years ...

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Impact Investing in Brazil

Worth the Risk?

Why does the 6th largest economy in the world — Brazil — still have a 20% unemployment rate among youth and almost a 10% illiteracy rate overall? A new way of investing, building capacities and multisector collaboration might be a response to this apparent paradox. Brazil is increasingly capturing global attention due to its steady economic development, its abundance of natural resources and its popularity both for work and travel as ...

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From Artisans to Entrepreneurs through the Development of Social Enterprise

In Ecuador, social and economic indicators are trending upwards, inviting opportunities for international and local investors. With substantial oil reserves and a rich agricultural terrain, an 8.37% decrease in overall poverty in the last 5 years, an annual modest but increasing growth rate of 3.2%, and a GDP per capita of US$3,700, economic trends point to a promising investment climate ...

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At-Risk Youth in Argentina

Providing a Way Out of Poverty

In order for a society to prosper socially and economically, it must provide the next generation of leaders with the appropriate educational resources . While Argentina excels beyond its LatAm neighbors in many areas, it falls behind in offering a truly democratic and accessible educational system to its youth. Throughout Argentina, primary education is required for all, and almost 90% of youth are enrolled in a secondary education institution ...

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The Importance of Investing

Technology-Based Small Enterprises in Peru

Peru is a country rich in ecological diversity and natural resources, but remains behind other LatAm countries due toa lack of foreign investment in innovative technology. In recent years, Peru has been rated as one of the strongest economies on the continent, stemming mainly from an increase in the production of exportable products – 88.6% of exports are commodities that come from natural resources, 8.5% are products with a low technological focus and 0.6% with a high technological focus ...

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Giving Emerging Market Musicians the Tools to turn Art into Profit

One of the most obvious yet underexploited voices for change in an emerging market can be found in its artistic community. Musicians have been known to use their music to inspire change, cultivate hope and heal indifference.  Nowadays, even the biggest-name artists in the industry are struggling to sustain out-dated revenue models. This has become increasingly difficult due to an ever-advancing landscape of technology, making music accessible to all with just the click of a button ...

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The Potential of Impact Investing in Chile

Brought to you by NESsT

Few investors today question the assertion that Chile is a safe, profitable and prosperous place for investments to thrive. In the global recession, even when growth has slowed down, Chile has stayed mostly unaffected. It even managed to avert the macroeconomic effects of a devastating earthquake with savings from its copper exports.  This stable environment also favors impact investing and those investors who want to do good while doing well.   However, while there are many enterprises that ...

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The Big River Foundation

Preserving the Last Central American Kingdom

Watershed ecology is more of a philosophy than purely a scientific investigation. It pursues not only the management of the world’s streams and rivers, but also the behavior of the people and societies interacting with and depending on these watershed ecosystems.The philosophy isbased on a purposeful search for communal awareness, and a realization of the interconnectedness that ties together everything on and within this watery planet. It integrates geology, hydrology, chemistry, biology, sociology, economics, history and art into a composite science that can transcend many artificial and academic boundaries ...

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Saving the rainforest, one meter at a time

 A few years back, a beautiful coastal community in California was devastated to learn that their neighborhood had been zoned for hotel development and the developer was en route to begin construction. It was then that Thomas Murray, President and co-founder of The Two Oceans Fund L.P., came up with an ingenious idea: “Let’s lay a grid on the land and let’s pay this developer real world money – what he would have made on the project – and allow individuals to buy sections of it and then we can turn it over to the city and make it into a park. The developer doesn’t get shorted and everybody gets what they wanted.” ...

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High-Impact Entrepreneurship with Endeavor Global

An Interview with Linda Rottenberg - Co-Founder & CEO

 Imagine knowing you have the ambition and innovation to do something truly monumental. You are confident that your dream could bring wealth and abundance to not only your family, however to the entire community in which you live.  For such visionaries born into an emerging country, the obstacles they face may make their vision seem truly unattainable. In an emerging market not only is there limited access to capital, the cost of failure is extremely high. Furthermore, very few in the community have attempted to rise above the standard of living and the lack of trustworthy mentorship may mean …  

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Investing in Microfinance in Latin America

ACCION International: Social Return on Investment

 Acción is a nonprofit organization founded in 1951, currently celebrating their 50th anniversary. It started as a community organization working at a grassroots level in urban centers and throughout the northern part of South America. In 1973 through one of their projects in Recife, Brazil, the team started to explore the idea of loaning money to some of the people who were entrepreneurial yet had very little resources. They realized that in such remote areas, the populations from these communities are simply “off the grid”. Acción conjectured that by having access to capital, the people in these communities could … 

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NESsT - (Non Profit Enterprise and Self Sustainability) Sustainability not Charity

Helping LatAm Non-Profits Become Sustainable

 The for-profit capital market includes a rich variety of financing sources and instruments for capitalizing the various stages of enterprise development. Meanwhile, despite the tremendous diversity within the nonprofit sector, the nonprofit capital market relies predominantly on one single financing instrument, outside charity, for providing capital to organizations of various sizes, types, and stages of development. Many civil society organizations - particularly those smaller groups working for social change and development - remain highly vulnerable, underfunded and unsustainable. Furthermore, they commonly lack the strategic, financial development necessary to create a sustainable, long-term plan for their company … 

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One Economy: Leveraging the power of technology to improve lives

A non-profit organization dedicated to making technology available in under-priviledged communities

One Economy is a global non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that every person, regardless of income and location, can maximize the power of technology to improve the quality of his or her life and enter the economic mainstream. Their initiatives help to bring broadband internet into the homes of low-income individuals, employ youth to train their community members to use technology effectively, and provide public-purpose media properties that offer a wealth of information on education, jobs, health care and other vital issues. Reports show a direct correlation between broadband penetration and employment growth. One Global Economy’s media … 

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Ashoka: Inspiring and supporting future social entrepreneurs

An organization that finds and supports up and coming social entrepreneurs

 Ashoka is a non-profit foundation started in 1981 by Bill Drayton with the aim of identifying and supporting the growth of social entrepreneurs. According to Ashoka, “Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change…committing their lives to changing the direction of their field. They are both visionaries and ultimate realists, concerned with the practical implementation of their vision above all else.” Since their inception in 1981, this global association has elected over 2,000 men and women … 


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Top Aid: Who's Helping Rebuild Chile

An overview of the top relief organizations, involved in helping Chile post crisis

 In the wake of the most recent natural disaster in Chile, organizations from around the world are working overtime to attend to the many needs of those affected.  The 8.8 earthquake struck central Chile on February 27th, 2010 and has been ranked as the 5th most powerful earthquake in the world since 1900. Millions have been left homeless or without basic necessities and the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami stands at nearly 800 and rising as reports continue to trickle in.

With a slew of campaigns now hitting mainstream media – all claiming to be the best place to invest … 

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Global Learning: A Worthy Cause

Dedicated to promoting education as a means for peace and justice

 In our first issue, Alternative Latin Investor profiled the contributing habits of Ultra High Net Worth Philanthropists; in our follow up issue, we would like to take an opportunity to shine a spotlight on one of the many nonprofit organizations that we deem worthy of such philanthropic donations. Twelve years ago an eager undergrad began a project that has now grown into an organization that helps thousands of children globally each year. Global Learning (GL) is an international not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting education as a means for peace and justice … 

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Ultra-high Net Worth Individual's Philanthropic Moves

Discussing what makes LatAm an intriguing and attractive region for philanthropic investments

 The current relative stability, the growing importance of the region to the global economy, and the wealth of opportunities for impact make LatAm an intriguing and attractive region for philanthropic investments. Once virtually non-existent, LatAm’s philanthropic infrastructure is emerging with many possibilities for growth. In Mexico, 19 community foundations or similar organizations have been founded in recent years (Hispanics in Philanthropy). In Brazil, the most advanced country in LatAm in terms of socially responsible corporate organizations, the number of foundations grew by 157% between 1996 and 2002. The number of institutions is set to steadily expand … 

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