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The Winds of Change

Wind energy as a renewable energy investment in Brazil

NOV, 2010 Renewable Energy By Mark McHugh In the renewable energy auctions held in Brazil on August 25th and 26th market forces yielded a significant reduction in wind energy prices. Wind energy contracts were awarded totaling more than 2 GW, at an average tariff of R$130.86 (US$ 75) per MWh. Prices bid for wind energy were lower than biomass and comparable with small hydro. The authorities are declaring a major breakthrough, placing wind energy firmly in the mainstream. It is perceived to be an important step towards achieving or possibly exceeding the government target of 15GW from alternative energy sources by 2035. However, as the dust settles, industry insiders believe that project returns are now approaching the cost of capital, creating controversy as to how much of the contracted capacity will actually get built.  ....

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