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Hedge Funds

2012 Key Trends

FEB, 2013 Provided by Eurekahedge The Latin American hedge fund industry has continued to provide r...Read Full Article

ALI Speaks with Victor Hugo Rodriguez of LatAm Alternatives

DEC, 2012 Premium Article As they did in 2011, LatAm hedge funds are leading the world in returns i...Read Full Article

Carlos Rojas of Andino Asset Management

DEC, 2012 Premium Article Takeaways: •LatAm needs more managers based in and focused on the An...Read Full Article

Sonia Villalobos of the LV Pacific Opportunities

DEC, 2012 Premium Article Takeaways: •In light of Mexico’s and the Andean region’s...Read Full Article

Alternatives Go Mainstream

DEC, 2012 Premium Article By: Jennifer Connelly, CEO, Jennifer Connelly Public Relations As 2012 dr...Read Full Article

Hedge Fund Marketing Post-JOBS Act

DEC, 2012 Premium Article By: Joshua Levitt, Communications Director, TIO Financial WHAT'S HAPPENIN...Read Full Article

LatAm Hedge Fund Experts Weigh In

DEC, 2012 Premium Article Though 2011 and 2012 have been strong years for LatAm hedge funds, partic...Read Full Article

On Familiar Ground

DEC, 2012 Premium Article Takeaways: •In spite of the wealth of opportunities in the equity ma...Read Full Article

Diamonds in the Rough

DEC, 2012 Premium Article Takeaways: •With a sluggish Brazilian economy and risk-averse invest...Read Full Article

Regulation of Hedging

DEC, 2012 Premium Article By: Adler Martins After 2005, the scope of hedging operations allowed to ...Read Full Article

Sharp Drop in Brazilian Interest Rates

DEC, 2012 Premium Article Takeaways: •The drop in Brazilian fixed-income interest rates marks ...Read Full Article

Welcoming the Inevitable

DEC, 2012 Premium Article Article Takeaways: •Global institutional asset allocations do not y...Read Full Article

Due Diligence Background Investigations

AUG, 2012 Premium Article By Amy Ajay When considering a potential hedge fund investment in emergin...Read Full Article

Hedge Fund Marketing

AUG, 2012 As part of its ongoing series of webinars on topics of critical importance to the alterna...Read Full Article

Revolutionizing the Hedge Fund Industry

JUNE, 2012 In April of this year, President Obama signed into law the Jumpstart Our Businesses and ...Read Full Article

Euro Debt Crisis Turns Investors Toward LatAm

JUNE, 2012 Interview with CIO Summit Panelist Andres Jacobus The Alpha Institutes CIO Summit will t...Read Full Article

Hedge Fund Association (HFA) members

APRIL, 2012 Andrew H. Jacobus – President – FINSER International Registered Investment...Read Full Article

Hedge Fund Association (HFA) members

FEB, 2012 Jeffrey D. Jones Jeffrey Dow Jones is a managing director at Jones & Company (www.JonesFu...Read Full Article

Families and Hedge Funds

DEC, 2011 Premium Article With the rising wealth and sophistication of LatAm investors in the last ...Read Full Article

Heading for Shifting Shores

DEC, 2011 Premium Article As wealthy LatAm families have begun diversifying their portfolios more a...Read Full Article

Top Ten LatAm Hedge Funds

DEC, 2011 FUND PROFILES GAP Long Short 1. What is the strategy of your fund? It is a long-short ma...Read Full Article

Mutual Funds

DEC, 2011 By Eduardo Bardelli Significant changes have occurred since the end of Argentina’s ...Read Full Article

Latin America fund assets to exceed $3 trillion by 2020

DEC, 2011 By: Daniel Enskat, Head of Global Consulting, Senior Managing Director, New Strategic Ins...Read Full Article

Hedge Funds Exchange (HFEX)

The Hedge Fund Exchange (HFEX) is a compiler and distributor of high-quality specialist market info...Read Full Article

American Business Practices in Brazil: A Contrarian's View

Premium Article OCT, 2011 U.S. companies have been investing heavily in Brazilian private equity in...Read Full Article

Latin American Hedge Funds

Premium Article OCT, 2011 Hedge funds have become one of the most vital asset classes in LatAm in r...Read Full Article


Premium Article OCT, 2011 Given its robust growth in recent years and massive wealth compared to it...Read Full Article


OCT, 2011 On May 30 of this year, the Integrated Latin American Market (Mercado Integrado Latinoame...Read Full Article

Brazilian Pension Funds

Premium Article OCT, 2011 Alternative asset managers around the globe are vying for the attention o...Read Full Article

Meta-Trends in LatAm Investment

Premium Article OCT, 2011 The progress of alternative asset investment in LatAm is following two ba...Read Full Article

High Net Worth Individuals in LatAm

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 The wealth and quantity of high net worth individuals (HNWI) in LatAm ...Read Full Article

Quant Funds

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 After taking a battering during the 2008 credit crunch and struggl...Read Full Article

LatAm Funds

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 U.S. Institutional investors looking to increase their exposure to eme...Read Full Article

Institutional Investing in LatAm

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 For most institutional investors, there is an uncertainty about LatAm&...Read Full Article

LatAm Fund Due Diligence

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 Vidak Radonjic, the founder and CEO of Beryl Consulting Group, which p...Read Full Article

MILA Integration

AUGUST, 2011 By Joseph Hogue As Brazil frightens investors with threats of escalating its “...Read Full Article

HFA To Provide a Voice for Latin American Hedge Funds

MAY, 2011 By Nate Suppaiah This spring, the US-based Hedge Fund Association (HFA), a non-profit org...Read Full Article

The Business of Running a Hedge Fund

APRIL, 2011 2010 was a transformative year for the hedge fund industry and reminded us that managin...Read Full Article

Profile: Amaury Junior, CIO and Founder of Vision Brazil Investments

MARCH, 2011 Profile: Amaury Junior, CIO and Founder of Vision Brazil Investments Speaking at the u...Read Full Article

MILA: A New Phase of Integration in Latin America

JAN, 2011 Chile, Colombia and Peru are moving ahead with a project to join a common regional stock ...Read Full Article

The Spectrum of Investors for Latin American Hedge Funds

SEPT, 2010 By Ron Suber, John Quartararo, Patrick McCurdy and Victor Hugo Rodriguez In the past sev...Read Full Article

Latin America's Favorite Sport For Sale

SEPT, 2010 As the football industry defies the global recession, new investment funds look to fast-...Read Full Article

Merlin Securities on Best Practices for Latin American Fund Managers

JULY, 2010 Over the past decade, several factors have converged to make Latin America one of the mo...Read Full Article

The Latin American Trust

JULY, 2010 Project finance has been the solution for financing infrastructure needs across the wo...Read Full Article

Infrastructure Funds in Latin America

MAY, 2010 Countries in Latin America are expected to invest $450 billion USD in infrastructure a...Read Full Article

LatAm Hedge Fund Outlook 2010

NOV, 2009 Latin American Hedge Funds: Review and Outlook Alternative Latin Investor recently spo...Read Full Article

Hedge Argentina

SEPT, 2009 While the majority of hedge funds in the region have their operations located in the Bra...Read Full Article

The Local Edge

JULY, 2009 In the real estate world the mantra is “position, position, position”. The...Read Full Article

Attracting Middle Eastern Investment

JULY, 2009 Cash needy investors are hitting the hedge fund industry hard and many managers are expe...Read Full Article

Private Equity

Jeronimo Bosch of Grupo Pegasus

FEB, 2013 Premium Article Since the resurgence of the PE market in LatAm last decade, Brazil has be...Read Full Article

Erik Peterson of the Abraaj Group

FEB, 2013 Premium Article In 2012, the Abraaj Group, a Dubai-based PE fund manager founded by Arif ...Read Full Article

Timothy Cunningham of Touchstone Group

FEB, 2013 Premium Article As the LatAm private equity market grows and matures, it is vying increas...Read Full Article

Duncan Littlejohn of Paul Capital

FEB, 2013 Premium Article As the LatAm PE market matures and funds reach their allocation goals, a ...Read Full Article

Chris Bruneau of 57 Stars

FEB, 2013 Premium Article As the developed markets continue to sputter and emerging private equity ...Read Full Article

No Slowing Down

FEB, 2013 Premium Article Over the last half decade, a convergence of propitious factors has turned...Read Full Article

Private Equity in LatAm Infrastucture Development

FEB, 2013 Premium Article 1. Can you tell us about your firm and your role? LAP Latin American Part...Read Full Article

The Private Equity Landscape

FEB, 2013 By Rodrigo Boscolo, Ben Shephard and Wallrick Williams A decade ago, Colombia was struggl...Read Full Article

Private Equity in Brazil

FEB, 2013 By Camila Aguirre, Oscar Lauz del Rosario, Ryan Meehan and Rodrigo Patiño Accordin...Read Full Article

Exporting LatAm Style

AUG, 2012 Premium Article It is no secret that the major trend fueling the LatAm retail sector is t...Read Full Article

Fostering the Future

JUNE, 2012 Premium Article Montessori education is a widespread and well-known method for teaching ...Read Full Article

Education and Democracy

JUNE, 2012 Premium Article ALI: What are the current needs for education development and investment...Read Full Article

Private Equity Investment

JUNE, 2012 Premium Article The previous issue of ALI highlighted investment opportunities and devel...Read Full Article

Education PE

JUNE, 2012 Premium Article Private equity investment is on the rise in LatAm, with global fund mana...Read Full Article

You Say You Want a Revolution

JUNE, 2012 Premium Article Public awareness of the profound changes happening in the realm of e-lea...Read Full Article

Private Equity

JUNE, 2012 Premium Article The world has long recognized the increasing complexity of a global econ...Read Full Article

Finding the Next Great Thinkers

JUNE, 2012 Premium Article As financial sector recruiters have looked increasingly to foreign marke...Read Full Article

The World of Austral

JUNE, 2012 Premium Article On a gorgeous, pastoral campus on the fringes of Pilar, Argentina, about...Read Full Article

International Schools in LatAm

JUNE, 2012 Premium Article As LatAm has become, in the eyes of many, a land of opportunity, its int...Read Full Article

The Virtues of Focus

APRIL, 2012 By James Knight Usually, private equity shuns the spotlight. Right now, executives in E...Read Full Article


FEB, 2012 Premium Article Mexican pension funds, or afores, have over US$130 billion under manageme...Read Full Article

Private Equity in Mexico

FEB, 2012 Premium Article One of the most important stories in LatAm in recent years for private eq...Read Full Article

Private Equity in Family Office Allocation

DEC, 2011 Premium Article Christina Kappaz brings a unique perspective to bear on private equity (P...Read Full Article

A Primer on Colombian Taxes

DEC, 2011 By Felix A. Villalba Hidden Surprises Colombia’s taxation offers some "hidden" surp...Read Full Article

Investing in Latin America

OCT, 2011 By Feliz Villalba Private Equity investing is usually limited by the firm’s ability...Read Full Article

Going Small

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 As foreign investors have flooded the Brazilian market in recent years...Read Full Article

LatAm Private Equity

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 In the coming years, a strong secondary market will emerge in LatAm &n...Read Full Article

The Brazilian Bubble Argument

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 In the midst of the Brazilian economy´s continuing surge –...Read Full Article

Private Equity : Brazil

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 One of the major stories of the Brazilian boom is the growth of its do...Read Full Article

Facing Challenges of Brazilian Private Equity: Part II

NOV, 2009 By Zack Henry & Eric Saucedo Financial Transparency This is perhaps the mother of all iss...Read Full Article

Steady in the storm with regional opportunites

JULY, 2009 After a decade of steady growth Central America is weathering the global financial dow...Read Full Article

Challenges for Successful Private Equity Investments in Brazil

SEPT, 2009 By Zack Henry & Eric Saucedo Someone forgot to tell Brazil that we’re in the midd...Read Full Article


Argentine Currency Restrictions

AUG, 2012 By Emily Sarah Hersh Ladrillos.Bricks. While real estate is probably the least alternativ...Read Full Article


JUNE, 2012 Foreign currency exchange (Forex) has gained popularity worldwide in recent years, inclu...Read Full Article

Global Forex Recap & LatAm

APRIL, 2012 Uncertainty in Europe, elections in the US, and the threat of escalating ‘currenc...Read Full Article

Trading LatAm Currencies in 2012

FEB, 2012 By Tom Cleveland of Forex Traders Emerging market economies have been the “darlings...Read Full Article

Mitigating Currency Risk When Investing in LatAm

DEC, 2011 Recent selloffs in emerging market currencies, which have caused sharp drops in such LatA...Read Full Article

SPOT-trade's Facundo Molina

DEC, 2011 In August, ALI reported on the growth of the foreign exchange (Forex) trading industry in...Read Full Article

Spotting Opportunities

AUGUST, 2011 The foreign exchange (forex) market—already the world’s largest and most l...Read Full Article

Forex LatAm: Q1 Outlook

JAN, 2011 With the new calendar year of 2011 now underway, traditional expectations of optimism ar...Read Full Article

Increased Threat of Currency Wars to Ignite Fourth Quarter FX Activity?

NOV, 2010 By Kevin Sollitt As we publish, the scene is set for a potentially dynamic G-20 meeting o...Read Full Article

Forex: The World Cup Effect

JULY, 2010 By Kevin Sollitt When the last issue of ALI was released market conditions warranted a...Read Full Article

So far, so good for USD and LatAm currencies in 2010

MAY, 2010 Contrary to popular opinion, the USD has continued to strengthen against most major curre...Read Full Article

First Quarter Outlook for Real, Argentine and Mexican Peso

NOV, 2009 Our last article reviewed the roller coaster that was 2009 and many of the core themes th...Read Full Article

Whats behind the moves in Foreign Exchange markets?

JULY, 2009 Since August 2007, sporadic volatility and price turbulence witnessed by FX markets in t...Read Full Article

"Special FX": Forex themes as 2009 draws to a close

NOV, 2009 Our last article focused on the widespread impact of change engineered by ongoing challen...Read Full Article

Alternatives for executing Foreign Exchange for Institutional Investors.

JULY, 2009 By Francisco J. Heredia | Boston Global Associates This piece is intended as a primer fo...Read Full Article


The Mexican Investment Environment

FEB, 2012 Premium Article Interview with Maximiliano Del Vento, Assistant Vice President, Investmen...Read Full Article

Investing in Argentina

FEB, 2012 An Interview with Javier Canosa from Canosa Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina Do you thin...Read Full Article

Impact Investing in Mexico

DEC, 2011 Impact investing, or investment that aims to make significant social and/or environmental...Read Full Article

Doug Casey on Latin America

NOV, 2011 Douglas Casey is a maverick, highly influential voice within the international investment...Read Full Article

Investment Analysts Try their Luck with the World Cup

JULY, 2010 By Marc Rogers The run up to the World Cup is full of excitement, anxiety, and predictio...Read Full Article

Venture Capital in Argentina

NOV, 2009 By Omar Arab Introduction Venture capital in Argentina, particularly at an early stage, r...Read Full Article



DEC, 2012 By: Stephen Kaczor Bluefin tuna is an endangered species. Stocks are down 60% to 80% worl...Read Full Article

Agricultural Investment Funds

OCT, 2012 Stephen Kaczor The World Development Movement has been pushing for the past 2 years for a...Read Full Article

Dry Bean

JUNE, 2012 By Stephen Kaczor "Alternative proteins" is a new catchphrase getting the attention of a...Read Full Article

Red Roses, Blue Skies

FEB, 2012 The world’s first economic bubble involved the collapse in the 1630's of the greatl...Read Full Article

Gauging the Effects of Climate Change

DEC, 2011 Brazil has established itself as a global agricultural powerhouse, boasting about a quart...Read Full Article

Agribusiness Roundup

DEC, 2011 By Stephen Kaczor The end of the year is a good time to look back on commodities covere...Read Full Article

Venture Capital Investing in Brazilian Agritech

Premium Article OCT, 2011 Around 2005, the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES), one of Braz...Read Full Article


OCT, 2011 By Steven Kaczor Since 1985, citrus consumption and production have increased steadily, a...Read Full Article

Brazilian Agribusiness

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 Foreign entrepreneurs are entering the Brazilian agribusiness sect...Read Full Article


AUGUST, 2011 By Stephen Kaczor While the USA is the world leader in tree nut production, growing nu...Read Full Article

Nicaragua - Taking its Agribusiness Sector up a Notch

MAY, 2011 In today’s highly competitive world, finding sources of safe, reliable and high-...Read Full Article

Fish Farming - New Opportunities on the horizon?

MAY, 2011 The World Aquaculture Society is set to meet in Natal, Brazil June 6 – 10, 2011. A...Read Full Article

Bamboo for Construction

APRIL, 2011 By Stephen Kaczor Nature has provided a perfect plant for building - bamboo. As wood be...Read Full Article

Three Strategies for Investing in the Latin American Agricultural Sector

APRIL, 2011 By Gonzalo Fernandez Castro & Christian Sieling Several clear forces are driving the ...Read Full Article

Coffee's Record-breaking prices

JAN, 2011 By Stephen Kaczor Central American coffee prices have skyrocketed since last year’s...Read Full Article

Ahuacatl: A Fruit for the Ages

NOV, 2010 The avocado has been revered for centuries for both its nutrition and taste. A Peruvian...Read Full Article

Beekeeping in Latin America

SEPT, 2010 By Stephen Kaczor Overview Bees are essential for honey and for the pollination of crops...Read Full Article


JULY, 2010 By Stephen Kaczor Vanilla has been one of the world’s favorite fragrances and fl...Read Full Article

Cacao: Ready For Investment

MAY, 2010 By Stephen Kaczor Can a case be made for the investment potential of cacao trees in Latin...Read Full Article

Panamanian Coffee Production

NOV, 2009 By Stephen Kaczor Coffee is one of the world’s biggest export commodities, the top ...Read Full Article

Agave & Tequila

SEPT, 2009 By Stephen Kaczor In 1974 Mexico’s government established the Appellation of Origi...Read Full Article

Brazil Iowa Farms Case Study

JULY, 2009 History Brazil Iowa Farms, LLC is an integrated agribusiness company headquarted in Roya...Read Full Article

Agribusiness Opportunity in Latin America

JULY, 2009 By Stephen Kaczor Latin America is home to hundreds of farming cooperatives and small re...Read Full Article

Renewable Energy

Social unrest in Latin America

DEC, 2012 By: LatinNews Land-related social unrest in Latin America is no longer confined to the de...Read Full Article

Social unrest in Latin America

OCT, 2012 Provided by LatinNews Protests against hydroelectric plants in Latin America may not have...Read Full Article

Wind Power

APRIL, 2012 By Fernando Tejeda (LAWEA) Last year, over 41,000 MW were installed worldwide, of which...Read Full Article

A Bio-Energy Perspective

APRIL, 2012 By Mark McHugh Creating an analogy with the emergence of the oil industry over a centur...Read Full Article

The Argentine Renewable Energies Chamber (CADER)

APRIL, 2012 1. What does CADER do and how can it benefit investors? The Chamber is a non-profit c...Read Full Article

Bringing It Home

APRIL, 2012 Premium Article Even as the renewable sector in LatAm continues its steady growth, so f...Read Full Article

Returns on the River

APRIL, 2012 Premium Article LatAm has some of the best natural hydropower resources in the world, w...Read Full Article


APRIL, 2012 Premium Article LatAm has a long history of renewable energy production, particularly i...Read Full Article

Feeding the Beast

APRIL, 2012 Premium Article Global demand for ethanol and other biofuels is growing rapidly, with t...Read Full Article

Replenished Returns

APRIL, 2012 Premium Article Global institutional investors have been investing increasingly in Braz...Read Full Article

All Aboard

APRIL, 2012 Premium Article An Interview with Juan Cruz Monticelli Department of Sustainable Devel...Read Full Article

Get Out of the Shade

APRIL, 2012 Premium Article With LatAm’s regional renewables sector so nascent, there is a co...Read Full Article

Great Expectations

APRIL, 2012 Premium Article Like most of the other large economies in LatAm, Chile is blessed with ...Read Full Article

Argentine Wind Power

APRIL, 2012 Premium Article One of the largest renewable resources in LatAm is the wind of Argentin...Read Full Article

Alternative bioenergy M&A picks up steam in Latin America

MARCH, 2012 Premium Article By - Priscilla Murphy, Mark Andress and Juliana Cavacana (reporters for...Read Full Article

2012: LatAm's Year of Wind Energy

FEB, 2012 The Latin American Wind Energy Association, LAWEA, was born in 2007 with the intention of...Read Full Article

Electric Energy Storage in Latin America

DEC, 2011 By Carlos St. James The world’s current electric power system is built around an ...Read Full Article

Argentina'a Renewable Energy Industry

OCT 2011 There is a growing trend towards investment in renewable energy generation in Latin Americ...Read Full Article

A Tale of Two Cities

APRIL, 2011 By Mark McHugh Brazil and the U.S. are the two leading biofuel producers in the world. ...Read Full Article

The Winds of Change

NOV, 2010 By Mark McHugh In the renewable energy auctions held in Brazil on August 25th and 26th ma...Read Full Article

Argentina's Energy Framework: Preparing for an Onslaught of Renewable Energy Investment

NOV, 2010 By Carlos St. James Argentina recently began a massive new energy investment program with...Read Full Article

Opportunities in Argentine Biodiesel

SEPT, 2010 By Carlos St. James But Argentina’s greatest success thus far has been in biofuels...Read Full Article

Argentine Wind Power

JULY, 2010 By Melanie Davis Argentina has some of the world's most favorable environmental and geol...Read Full Article

The Alternative Energy Powerhouse

MAY, 2010 By Mark McHugh As home to the world’s last major tropical rainforest, one of the la...Read Full Article

Concentrating Energy in the Atacama

MAY, 2010 By Pablo Correa The Atacama Desert is one of the driest, warmest and sunniest places on...Read Full Article

Wind Power Investment Blowing Towards Chile

JULY, 2009 The combination of pro-renewable energy legislation, economic stability and industrial d...Read Full Article

Real Estate

Kings of Convenience

AUG, 2012 Premium Article As LatAm’s emerging middle class matures, broadens its horizons and...Read Full Article

U.S. Real Estate: Seizing the Day

AUG, 2012 Family offices and high-net-worth individuals from LatAm traditionally keep a portion of ...Read Full Article

Top Brazil Real Estate Investment Funds

JUNE, 2012 By Vernon Budinger, Principal & Jason Smith, Portfolio Manager Fundos de Investimento Im...Read Full Article

Brazil Enterprise Value Real Estate Index

APRIL, 2012 Tierra Analytics LLC’s primary contention in this article is that real estate inv...Read Full Article

Alternative Investments

MARCH, 2012 Many wealthy families and funds in Latin America are entering the US real estate market...Read Full Article

Understanding the Mexican Mortgage

FEB, 2012 Premium Article ALI: Tell us about Infonavit. JJGD: Infonavit is the Largest mortgage len...Read Full Article


FEB, 2012 Premium Article Tourism has long been a staple of Mexico’s economy. The country wa...Read Full Article

Improving Mexico's Housing Finance Infrastructure

FEB, 2012 Premium Article The huge demand in housing in Mexico, especially in low- and middle incom...Read Full Article

Finding the Value in Mexican Real Estate

FEB, 2012 Premium Article The distressed properties, stalled development projects, and steep price ...Read Full Article

Liquidity Premium

FEB, 2013 Premium Article By James Anderson A seldom discussed theme in Latin America private equit...Read Full Article

Looking back on forty years

FEB, 2012 Several years back, the private equity (PE) firm I worked for was imploding as an indirec...Read Full Article

Alternative Latin Investor Interviews Parker Stanberry

DEC, 2011 Why did you start Oasis? It was a combination of a lifelong love of travel and the hospi...Read Full Article

Opportunities for LatAm Investors in U.S. Real Estate

NOV, 2011 As real estate prices continue to boom in the major LatAm markets, particularly in Brazil...Read Full Article

Minha Casa Minha Vida

OCT, 2011 By Joanna Styles Along with exuberant carnivals and exotic beaches, Brazil also brings to...Read Full Article


Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 With air passenger traffic and tourism on the rise throughout much of ...Read Full Article

Brazilian Real Estate Investing

APRIL, 2011 By Ruben Selvanayagam After almost three decades of low activity, Brazil’s cons...Read Full Article

Finding an Entrance into Mexico's Affordable Housing Construction Finance Market

NOV, 2010 Construction lending opportunities in Mexico’s affordable housing sector continue t...Read Full Article

Lending Opportunities in Mexican Affordable Housing

JULY, 2010 By Lawrence McDaniel The collapse of foreign investment in the Mexican affordable housin...Read Full Article

Nordeste Invest; Coming to terms with a New Reality

JULY, 2010 By Mark McHugh During early May, Natal hosted Nordeste Invest, a landmark forum for inte...Read Full Article

Real Estate Indexing in Latin America

JULY, 2010 The new global paradigm of lower returns, less leverage and reduced risk, has made us ve...Read Full Article

Economic Revival In Chile

NOV, 2009 By Nathaniel Parish Flannery New construction at Chile’s stalled Costanera Center, ...Read Full Article

Real Estate Limited Partnerships in Latin America

NOV, 2009 Real Estate investment for Limited Partners (LPs) in Latin America can really be seen as ...Read Full Article

Colombia Heating Up

JULY, 2009 For over twenty years increasing numbers of investors from outside the region have been ...Read Full Article

The Times They are a Changing for Panama Real Estate

SEPT, 2009 In the new century, Panama has established itself as a player in international real esta...Read Full Article


Brazil's Olympics and World Cup Projects

OCT, 2012 Premium Article Policy & Regulatory Report journalist Raymond Barrett in Washington, D.C....Read Full Article

What we talk about When we talk about Infrastucture

FEB, 2012 Premium Article Recent years have seen intensified interest in Mexican infrastructure. T...Read Full Article

Mexico City: Car Addiction

FEB, 2012 Premium Article Interview provided by BNamericas Urban mobility is high on the infrastruc...Read Full Article

Infrastructure Debt Funds & Exchange Rate Risk

OCT, 2011 A few months ago, I was asked to consult a investment professional at a certain infrastr...Read Full Article

Mezzanine Finance

AUGUST, 2011 By Patricio Abal Mezzanine finance is an innovative and complex way to finance corpora...Read Full Article

Alternative Latin Investor: Infrastructure Profile

MAY, 2011 Abertis Infraestructuras SA is a Spanish company active in the management of infrastruc...Read Full Article

Landing In Latin America

MAY, 2011 Private sector participation in the operation of Latin American airports is very uneven. ...Read Full Article

A look at Infrastructure Development in Argentina

APRIL, 2011 According to The Private Participation in Infrastructure Project Database, out of the...Read Full Article

Guide to Infrastructure in Latin America

JAN, 2011 By Patricio Abal & Gonzalo Oliva-Beltrán Many countries in Latin America are we...Read Full Article

Investing in Listed Shares of Latin American Infrastructure Companies

NOV, 2010 Acquiring exposure to the Latin American infrastructure sector is becoming increasingly a...Read Full Article

Municipal Bonds in Latin America

SEPT, 2010 By Patricio Abal There are several reasons for which municipal governments (MGs) would w...Read Full Article

Latam Index Analysis

JULY, 2009 Msci Brazil (EWZ) recently raised above the main bearish resistance line at $51.00 switc...Read Full Article

Impact Investing

Reducing Barriers to Entry

OCT, 2012 Provided by NESsT When it comes to impact investing, Latin America is somewhat of a parad...Read Full Article

Impact Investing in Brazil

AUG, 2012 Article provided by NESsT “The NESsT methodology is incredibly thorough. It address...Read Full Article


JUNE, 2012 By NESsT In Ecuador, social and economic indicators are trending upwards, inviting oppor...Read Full Article

At-Risk Youth in Argentina

APRIL, 2012 By NESsT In order for a society to prosper socially and economically, it must provide t...Read Full Article

The Importance of Investing

FEB, 2012 Peru is a country rich in ecological diversity and natural resources, but remains behind ...Read Full Article


DEC, 2011 One of the most obvious yet underexploited voices for change in an emerging market can be...Read Full Article

The Potential of Impact Investing in Chile

DEC, 2011 Few investors today question the assertion that Chile is a safe, profitable and prosper...Read Full Article

The Big River Foundation

OCT, 2011 By Tiffany Joy Swenson In the end, we conserve only what we love; we love only what we un...Read Full Article


AUGUST, 2011 By Tiffany Joy Swenson A few years back, a beautiful coastal community in California w...Read Full Article

High-Impact Entrepreneurship with Endeavor Global

MAY, 2011 By Tiffany Joy Swenson Imagine knowing you have the ambition and innovation to do somethi...Read Full Article

Investing in Microfinance in Latin America

APRIL, 2011 By Tiffany Joy Swenson “Investing in Microfinance is a worthy philanthropic in...Read Full Article

NESsT - (Non Profit Enterprise and Self Sustainability) Sustainability not Charity

JAN, 2011 By Tiffany Joy Swenson The for-profit capital market includes a rich variety of financing...Read Full Article

One Economy: Leveraging the power of technology to improve lives

NOV, 2010 By Tiffany Joy Swenson “I see Latin America and Asia and the Middle East in similar...Read Full Article

Ashoka: Inspiring and supporting future social entrepreneurs

SEPT, 2010 By Tiffany Joy Swenson Ashoka is a non-profit foundation started in 1981 by Bill Drayton...Read Full Article

Top Aid: Who's Helping Rebuild Chile

MAY, 2010 By Tiffany Joy Swenson In the wake of the most recent natural disaster in Chile, organiza...Read Full Article

Global Learning: A Worthy Cause

NOV, 2009 By Tiffany Joy Swenson In our first issue, Alternative Latin Investor profiled the contri...Read Full Article

Ultra-high Net Worth Individual's Philanthropic Moves

JULY, 2009 The current relative stability, the growing importance of the region to the global econo...Read Full Article


New Law

FEB, 2013 By Javier Canosa On November 29, 2012, the Argentine Congress passed a new law regulating...Read Full Article

Private Equity in Brazil

FEB, 2013 By Adler Martins and Nuno F. Araújo Brazil has a modest crowd funding scene, with ...Read Full Article

Tax & Estate Planning

DEC, 2012 By Javier Canosa We introduce news on questions of tax and estate planning in Argentina i...Read Full Article

The Brazilian Law on Money Laundering

OCT, 2012 Adler Martins Brazil has recently altered its money laundering law. The new bill has tigh...Read Full Article

Tax & Estate Planning in Argentina

OCT, 2012 Javier Canosa We will present a series of articles on developments in tax and estate plan...Read Full Article

Software Importation

AUG, 2012 By Adler Martins As Brazil watches the growth and professionalization of the retail indus...Read Full Article

Florida Law

JUNE, 2012 By Pedro Martins The Freedom Tower is a building located in Miami, Florida, that was use...Read Full Article

I Can't Get no Satisfaction.

JUNE, 2012 By Javier Canosa - Canosa Abogados – Argentina Last April the Argentine government...Read Full Article

Benefits of the Colombian Free Trade Agreement

APRIL, 2012 By Felix Villalba Contrary to what one might initially think, imports and exports are n...Read Full Article

State Monopolies

APRIL, 2012 By Adler Martins Foreign investment in mining is legal in Brazil. Let's start from the...Read Full Article

Unconstitutional regulation in Brazil

FEB, 2012 By Adler Martins The end of 2011 was not a good time for foreign investment regulation in...Read Full Article

Is This Just Nativism?

FEB, 2012 By Javier Canosa On December 22, 2011, the Argentine Congress passed Law No. 26,737. Thi...Read Full Article

FDI regulation and Public-Private Partnerships

OCT, 2011 By Adler Martins Entry and registration of Foreign Capital It is mandatory for every for...Read Full Article


DEC, 2011 By Javier Canosa The Argentine government has imposed new restrictions on the purchase of...Read Full Article

Regulation in Argentina

AUGUST, 2011 By Javier Canosa I. Federal Incentives for the Software Industry. At the federal level...Read Full Article

New Anti-Money Laundering Law to be passed

MAY, 2011 After a dramatic report issued by the Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”) on...Read Full Article

Argentina's Legal Update

APRIL, 2011 By Javier Canosa In the last quarter of 2011, legal agenda has been set forth. This ...Read Full Article

Brazil: Steering clear of potholes

JAN, 2011 Steering Clear of Potholes Brazil has committed to billions of dollars worth of infrastru...Read Full Article

New Bills Proposed to Amend the Law on Financial Entities in Argentina

NOV, 2010 New Bills Proposed to Amend the Law on Financial Entities in Argentina The Argentine Nati...Read Full Article

Due Diligence - You Bought the Company. Now What?

SEPT, 2010 By Glen Harloff & John Price, Miami With M&A activity surging in Latin America, it&rsquo...Read Full Article

Business Focus: Argentina, Panama and Mexico

MAY, 2010 Investing in Onshore Latin American Assets Comparisons of Corporate Requirements and Bank...Read Full Article

Finding Your Financial Freedom in Latin America

NOV, 2009 By Peter McFarlane When checking out investments in Latin America, don't miss intangible ...Read Full Article

Brazils improving Corporate Governance

JULY, 2009 From the mid 1990’s until 2000 the Brazilian equity market was characterized by po...Read Full Article

Multimercado:Funds Go Global

SEPT, 2009 Hedge fund regulations in Brazil provide local funds with global access As Brazilian hed...Read Full Article


Latin American Art

DEC, 2012 By: Artvest Partners Following inconsistent results during the 2-week stretch of mega-auc...Read Full Article

Art Funds 101

OCT, 2012 In 2011, total global art sales reached $64.9 billion. High-net-worth individuals looking...Read Full Article

Latin American Art Market

AUG, 2012 Recap Provided by Artvest Partners LLC In New York, May was an important month for the La...Read Full Article

Expert Perspectives

JUNE, 2012 Interview Provided by Artvest LLC Carmen Melian, Sotheby’s, Senior Vice President,...Read Full Article

Expert Perspectives

APRIL, 2012 Interview Provided by Artvest LLC CM: Carmen Melian, Sotheby’s, Senior Vice Presi...Read Full Article

Cultural Patrimony

FEB, 2012 By ArtVest Partners LLC As interest in LatAm increases and its art becomes a more meaning...Read Full Article

Meso-American Remix

DEC, 2011 By Clayton Press This issue’s art feature considers the work of two North American ...Read Full Article

Global enthusiasm for Latin Art is on the Rise

DEC, 2011 Recap Provided by Artvest Partners LLC After several years of sluggishness, global enthus...Read Full Article

The Malba turns 10

OCT, 2011 On September 11, 2011, the Malba (Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires), brought ...Read Full Article

Fine Art Funds

AUGUST, 2011 Throughout history, retailers and individual collectors have been trading valuable wor...Read Full Article

ALI partners with

Alternative Latin Investor has recently partnered with, a website dedicated to...Read Full Article

The Artistry and Stability of Colombian Gold

MAY, 2011 By Tiffany Joy Swenson The history of pre-columbine gold mining dates as far back as the ...Read Full Article

Cuban Visions Event

APRIL, 2011 Due in large part to political differences, Cuba’s vibrant culture and artist...Read Full Article

Latin American Art Gaining Momentum in Europe

NOV, 2010 By Stefanie Kogler Art from Latin America has seen a steady rise in buyers over the pa...Read Full Article

Pinta: The Modern & Contemporary Latin American Art Show

SEPT, 2010 By Tiffany Joy Swenson A veritable feast for Latin American art investors, this exclusiv...Read Full Article

Christies Latin Art Sale Breaks $20 Million

JULY, 2010 By Tiffany Joy Swenson With the world slowly crawling out of the crisis depths, there ...Read Full Article

The Cuban Art Revolution

MAY, 2010 By Tiffany Joy Swenson Cuban Art has been increasing in value over the past decades. In t...Read Full Article

Latin American Art Growing in Popularity

JULY, 2009 A new generation of Latin American artists are ensuring that works from the region are a...Read Full Article

Brazilian Urban Art: From Street to Chic

SEPT, 2009 By Tiffany Joy Swenson There has always been something fascinating about the allure of B...Read Full Article

Alternative Latin Investor speaks with Latin American Art Museum of Amersfoort

NOV, 2009 By Tiffany Joy Swenson LAKMA started with a foundation dedicated to the Spanish artist Jo...Read Full Article


Caipirinha to Cabernet

OCT, 2012 Tiffany Joy Swenson It should come as no surprise that Brazil has been cultivating fine w...Read Full Article

The Newest Designer Labels... In a Glass

APRIL, 2011 2010 saw real evidence that a new phenomenon had arrived in the wine market: the rise ...Read Full Article

Wine and the World Cup

SEPT, 2010 By Charlie Martin The Fine Wine commodities market continues to move at an impressive pa...Read Full Article

Fine Wine Investors Thank Latin America for a Healthy Profit

JULY, 2010 By Charlie Martin Prices for the world’s most famous wines are rocketing, particul...Read Full Article

Argentine Wine Harvest: 2010

MAY, 2010 By Dan Karlin Argentina, due to its terroir, is known for only having good years and grea...Read Full Article

Torrontes: The Next Malbec

NOV, 2009 By Dan Karlin Since 2004 no other country has seen the meteoric rise in volume, value and...Read Full Article

A Truly Personal Investment in Argentina and Wine

SEPT, 2009 By Dan Karlin On November 3, 2004, only 36 hours after stepping off a plane from Los Ang...Read Full Article

Wine Investment from a Latin American Perspective

JULY, 2009 In today’s market, despite these times of crisis, there is a lot of money looking ...Read Full Article


2013 Oil & Gas Industry Perspectives

FEB, 2013 By Mark McHugh and Luiz Antonio Maneschy Brazil is heralded as the largest and most signi...Read Full Article

The Argentine Dream

JUNE, 2012 It’s been an exciting and ultimately strange year in the world of Argentine oil an...Read Full Article

Getting into Deep Water in Brazil

JUNE, 2012 By Mark McHugh Recent ultra-deep water offshore discoveries are reconfirming Brazil as t...Read Full Article

Investing in Brazilian Oil

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 In the last half-decade, after a series of discoveries of enormous fie...Read Full Article

Investing in Lithium

MAY, 2011 The lithium industry has seen a sharp rise in investor interest in recent years. Forecast...Read Full Article

Brazil's Energy Investment in the Wake of a New South

NOV, 2010 By Francisco Ebeling Barros In the last few years, the global geopolitical scene has chan...Read Full Article

Sowing pools: Argentine alternative financing model for agriculture

SEPT, 2010 By John Kennedy Three decades ago, soybean production was a niche activity in Argentina...Read Full Article

The BP oil spill and the future of the Brazilian oil industry

SEPT, 2010 By Francisco Ebeling Barros Currently there exists a ghost of uncertainty in regards to ...Read Full Article

Chinese Brazilian Trade Ties Continue to Grow

JULY, 2010 By Bernard Lapointe In April, China and Brazil signed various trade agreements with th...Read Full Article

Chinese Boycott of Argentina Soybean Oil

MAY, 2010 By Bernard Lapointe In early April China’s Ministry of Commerce banned imports of s...Read Full Article

Pre-salt: What now?

SEPT, 2009 By Francisco Ebeling Barros This event marked an important moment for the Brazilian oil ...Read Full Article

Cuba Mining

NOV, 2009 By Christopher Ecclestone Cuba has a history of mining extending over a period of three h...Read Full Article

Chavez And The Diminishing Return - Part One

SEPT, 2009 By Robert Petrucci Since coming to power in 1998, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has not only...Read Full Article

Precious Things in Peru

SEPT, 2009 Peru is an interesting country in that it has been forged by the Conquistadors, brought ...Read Full Article

Emerging Markets

LatAm Startups

Last April, at an Americas Society/Council of the Americas event in Buenos Aires featuring speakers...Read Full Article

Who's competing for power in 2013?

FEB, 2013 There are a number of key electoral tests in Latin America during 2013, including preside...Read Full Article

New IPOs and Fibras listings expected on the BMV in 2013

FEB, 2013 Premium Article By Adriana Curiel and Vanessa Buendia in Mexico City(( Mexico's stock exc...Read Full Article

Winning by Failing

FEB, 2013 By Tom Kadala Why is it that startup companies that fail never make headline news? A like...Read Full Article

China and Latin America

FEB, 2013 By Bernard Lapointe For most of the last decade Latin America had the good fortune that i...Read Full Article

Innovation in LatAm

DEC, 2012 In October, WOBI (Word of Business Ideas, a brand recently launched by HSM) hosted a 2-da...Read Full Article

Latin America as an FDI hotspot

DEC, 2012 Provided by: The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) This Economist Intelligence Unit paper...Read Full Article

LPs are Most Bullish

DEC, 2012 Excerpt from EMPEA’s 2012 Global LP Survey The Emerging Market Private Equity Assoc...Read Full Article


DEC, 2012 By: Tom Kadala Known mainly for its prehistoric inhabitants, the Galapagos Islands off th...Read Full Article


OCT, 2012 Mark McHugh Eike Batista has turned into an enigmatic figure over the last few years, rid...Read Full Article

Clash of the Titans

AUG, 2012 Premium Article By mergermarket reporters: Priscilla Murphy in Rio de Janeiro, Juliana Ca...Read Full Article

Brazil's CLO Fire Sale

AUG, 2012 By Tom Kadala Last year, when Brazil’s second largest bank, ITAU Unibanco, sold R$4...Read Full Article

Argentina Consumer Crisis Redux

AUG, 2012 By Clinton Carter While Argentina may be doomed to ignore the lessons of history and agai...Read Full Article

Give Them Credit

AUG, 2012 Premium Article Chile’s mature consumer credit culture allows major retailers there...Read Full Article

Retailers Shift Focus

AUG, 2012 Premium Article By Mario Capizzani, F.J. Ramirez Huerta, and Paulo Rocha e Oliveira Publi...Read Full Article

Argentine Corporate Bond Liquidity Dries Up

JUNE, 2012 By Katherine Wegert in New York and Clara Agustoni in Buenos Aires for Debtwire Secondar...Read Full Article

Mobile Payments

JUNE, 2012 The way in which we pay for goods and services is changing. New technology is turning sm...Read Full Article

Best Practices for Investing in Cédulas de Crédito Bancário in Brazil

MAY, 2011 By Vernon H. Budinger If you’ve not heard of Morada Bank, it was a spectacular bank...Read Full Article

ALI Asks the Experts

FEB, 2012 Premium Article The uncertainty among investors regarding Mexico’s future revolves ...Read Full Article

European Bank Crisis

FEB, 2012 By Bernard Lapointe European banks provide 45% of all the external credit lines to LatAm....Read Full Article

2012 Should be better

DEC, 2011 By Bernard LaPointe Sequential economic growth is currently weak by historical standards ...Read Full Article

Investors Beware

DEC, 2011 By Vernon H. Budinger Investors in Brazilian ABS backed by consumer loans should be wary ...Read Full Article

The Tug of War

DEC, 2011 By Daniel Melhem When John D. Rockefeller opened his family office, Rockefeller Family an...Read Full Article

Political Update

DEC, 2011 COLOMBIA: Santos riding high The military delivered the most crushing blow against Colomb...Read Full Article

Understanding the High Net-Worth Family in Latin America

NOV, 2011 Premium Article LatAm has the highest density of high and ultra-high net worth individual...Read Full Article


Premium Article OCT, 2011 Last August, Brazil’s central bank surprised the world by cutting i...Read Full Article

Alternative Latin Investor Profile

OCT, 2011 1. When did you begin working with LatAm and why? I first moved to Mexico in 1992 for p...Read Full Article

Political Moves: Breaking LatAm News

OCT, 2011 Brazil’s corruption matches Bolivia’s GDP On September 14 Brazil’s ...Read Full Article

Be Careful What You Wish For

AUGUST, 2011 By Vander Giordano & Eduardo Gomide Foreign firms bidding on infrastructure projects o...Read Full Article

Latin American Venture Capital

AUGUST, 2011 ...Read Full Article

Growing M&A activity between Asia and Latin America?

AUGUST, 2011 By Bernard Lapointe Will rising bilateral trade between Asia - especially China, and...Read Full Article

Political Moves: Breaking LatAm News

August, 2011 BRAZIL – Rousseff replaces Palocci with novice President Dilma Rousseff took a...Read Full Article

Political Moves: Breaking LatAm News

MAY, 2011 Divisions in the FA provide opportunity for opposition Divisions in Uruguay’s left-...Read Full Article

Can Latin American Equity Markets Resume Growth in 2011?

MAY, 2011 Latin American (LATAM) equity markets are underperforming other emerging markets so far i...Read Full Article

Political Moves: LatinNews

APRIL, 2011 BOLIVIA: Morales under strong fire from his own supporters Bolivia’s leftwing Pre...Read Full Article

Profile: Eduardo Solorzano

JAN, 2011 ALI Speaks with President and CEO of Walmart Latin America Eduardo Solórzano How ...Read Full Article

Political Moves: Breaking LatAm News

JAN, 2011 Brought to you by: Latinnews POLITICAL MOVES: First Quarter 2011 ARGENTINA: Divisions in...Read Full Article

Emerging Markets Vulnerable to Rising Inflation

JAN, 2011 Inflows into Latin American stocks decreased substantially in 2010 compared to 2009. In ...Read Full Article

Beyond Certainty

JAN, 2011 By Daniel Melhem Ever since the collapse of the economy in December of 2001, life has bee...Read Full Article

Life Settlement Investment in Latin America

JAN, 2011 By J. Mark Goode Growth Opportunity for Latin American Mutual funds and alternative asset...Read Full Article

Post Nestor Kircher : Best and Worse Case Scenario

NOV, 2010 Best Case Scenario: The business environment remains stable, as President Fern&aacut...Read Full Article

ALI Speaks with Bertrand Delgado: Senior Analyst for Emerging Markets and Latin America at Roubini G

NOV, 2010 How have emerging markets fared since October 2008, compared to the rest of the world? We ...Read Full Article

Latin America Versus Asia

NOV, 2010 We compare the performance and valuations of the ten largest publicly listed banks in Lat...Read Full Article

Alternative Latin Investor Speaks with The Economist's Robert Ward

SEPT, 2010 Mr. Ward is the Director of the global forecasting team. In this role he oversees the Ec...Read Full Article

Investment Flows and Stock Market Return

SEPT, 2010 By Bernard Lapointe Portfolio flows into equity markets have been strong so far global...Read Full Article

Let the World See Your Wares in the Right Light

SEPT, 2010 By Tony Trescothick There is little doubt that collective fund investors these days are ...Read Full Article

Mexico, Superstar Player of the Emerging Economies

JULY, 2010 By Tessa Albrecht Mexico: Latin America’s newest investment beacon and slightly le...Read Full Article

A New Era for Investment in Argentina

JULY, 2010 By Javier Canosa After the fall of Lehman Brothers and the crash of the stock market i...Read Full Article

Cuba: return to capitalism?

JULY, 2010 By Vonnell I. Martinez The day is coming when not another paddle will touch the water he...Read Full Article

A Week in the Life of Canning House

MAY, 2010 Canning House, London, was founded in 1943 to promote understanding and exchange between ...Read Full Article

Building A Bridge to the Middle East

MAY, 2010 In 1973, Ibrahim Oweiss, a professor at Georgetown University, created the word "petrodol...Read Full Article

Rio 2016: Opportunities and Responsibilities

NOV, 2009 Rio 2016: Opportunities and Responsibilities Eternally lain on a splendid cradle, by the ...Read Full Article

The Future of Brazilian Energy Intigration with Peru

NOV, 2009 By Francisco Ebeling Barros November 11th, 2009, Brazil experienced one of its worst bl...Read Full Article

Paradise Lost, Paraguay Found

SEPT, 2009 By Priti Ramjee The hit of the global economic crisis coupled with the harsh and extende...Read Full Article

Wealth Advisory

Top Ranking Banks in Latin America

DEC, 2012 By: AméricaEconomía Intelligence The year 2011 closed with disturbing news....Read Full Article

Mexican Finance Ministry

DEC, 2012 By: Georgina Gatsiopoulos, Mexico City (Debtwire LatAm Plus) The Mexican Finance Ministry...Read Full Article

Order from Chaos

OCT, 2012 Premium Article As wealth management has grown more complex in the last decade, particula...Read Full Article

Paving the Way

OCT, 2012 Premium Article Foreign market leaders such as Fidessa, Direct Edge and Navatar are chall...Read Full Article

Private Aviation Takes Off

OCT, 2012 Premium Article The growth of private wealth in LatAm has led to a rise in demand for pri...Read Full Article

The View from Abroad

OCT, 2012 Premium Article One of the major stories in the alternative investment community in LatAm...Read Full Article

LatAm Wealth Management Overview

OCT, 2012 Premium Article The world has gotten wealthier, but not the whole world. The engine of gr...Read Full Article

Against the Grain

OCT, 2012 Premium Article In the world of global wealth management, few managers command as much at...Read Full Article

Lack of Transparency in Colombia

OCT, 2012 Premium Article Felix Villalba The slight cultural differences of the Colombian market ve...Read Full Article

An Investor's Best Friend

OCT, 2012 Premium Article No material is more symbolic of wealth, luxury and romance than diamonds....Read Full Article

Emotional Intelligence

AUG, 2012 Premium Article Modern retail is undergoing a paradigm shift, fueled by the forces of glo...Read Full Article

Post-Crisis Trends

JUNE, 2012 In the immediate aftermath of the financial meltdown in 2008, offshore financial centers...Read Full Article

The Flight to Control

DEC, 2011 Premium Article Benno Raeber, a Principal at Prime Advisory Group, a family office, descr...Read Full Article

Massive Opportunities

DEC, 2011 Premium Article LatAm has the highest density of high and ultra-high net worth individual...Read Full Article

Blurred Lines

DEC, 2011 Premium Article Like most things undergoing rapid growth and change, the family office sp...Read Full Article

The Investment Priorities of Wealthy LatAm Families

DEC, 2011 Premium Article In the face of persistently volatile markets, rising fees, and more aggre...Read Full Article

Family Talent

DEC, 2011 Premium Article Sometimes the best investment requires a subtle change of focus. Accordi...Read Full Article

Advising the LatAm Family

DEC, 2011 Premium Article Two related trends have characterized the management of family assets in ...Read Full Article

How to Pitch To a Family Office

DEC, 2011 By Steffi Claiden To understand the asset manager’s keen interest in attracting fam...Read Full Article


Education for a New Reality

AUG, 2012 As alternative asset investments gain traction in the LatAm region, education is becoming...Read Full Article

Brazilian Internet

AUG, 2012 Premium Article By Pedro Filizzola Recently Brazilians heard the news from IAB Brazil tha...Read Full Article

Mercatrade B2B

APRIL, 2012 1. For those of our readers who are not familiar with Mercatrade, can you please give u...Read Full Article

Uruguay's Zonamerica

DEC, 2011 For family offices and private banks serving LatAm clients, as well as other corporations...Read Full Article


OCT, 2011 What is Loogla? Loogla (a portmanteau of “Looking Glass”) is a second-languag...Read Full Article

Quickstart Global

AUGUST, 2011 With more and more aspects of business conducted online, companies of all sizes are no...Read Full Article


AUGUST, 2011 With its shallow banking sector and limited debt—the legacy of decades of econ...Read Full Article

The Panama Network

MAY, 2011 Mackenze McAleer found a promising home in Panama. A U.S. native and Marine Corps veteran...Read Full Article

My Own Private Island

APRIL, 2011 Alternative Latin Investor Speaks with Chris Krolow, CEO of Private Island Inc. Headqua...Read Full Article

Algodon Wine Estates

JAN, 2011 Though winemaking in Argentina dates back to the 16th century, the South American giant h...Read Full Article

Alternative Latin Investor speaks with Colombia Real Estate Founder Chad Smalley

SEPT, 2010 1. What brought you to Latin America? My first experience in Latin America was in Boque...Read Full Article

VivaReal: LatAm Real Estate Moves Online

MAY, 2010 Trends: In the United States 90% of home buyers start their search online according to t...Read Full Article

Political Risk


FEB, 2013 By James Knight "A few years ago the question was ‘What’s your China strategy...Read Full Article

Human Capital

FEB, 2013 By Gabriel Sanchez Zinny There appears to be a growing consensus in US and Latin American...Read Full Article

Security Risks

DEC, 2012 By: James Knight A senior US official said recently in a closed session of industry profe...Read Full Article

Brazil's Partnering Economy

OCT, 2012 James Knight A client recently told me he was through with China, after more than 6 years...Read Full Article

The Failed States Index

AUG, 2012 By James Knight Everyone loves a table. What better way to try and capture in a nice, jui...Read Full Article

The Truth About Nationalization

JUNE, 2012 By James Knight - Director of Pionero Partners, a LatAm-based strategic advisory consul...Read Full Article

Playing with Its Heritage

APRIL, 2012 By James Knight This year’sHeritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal Annual report ...Read Full Article

Political Risk in LatAm

APRIL, 2012 By James Knight Consistently, C-suite executives cite political risk as the second-bigg...Read Full Article

Structured Finance

Bad Practices Infect the ABS Market in Brazil

FEB, 2013 By Vernon Hamilton Budinger “When will Brazilian investors embrace structured finan...Read Full Article

Index for Real Estate Investment Funds

DEC, 2012 By: Vernon Budinger The Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo - Brazilian Mercantile and F...Read Full Article

CVM Instruction 489

OCT, 2012 Premium Article Vernon Hamilton Budinger Investors like the transparency that originates ...Read Full Article

Driver Brasil One

AUG, 2012 Premium Article By Vernon H. Budinger, CFA & Jason A. Smith, CFA Inaugural Structured Fin...Read Full Article

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